Helping students find their place
in the World of Work

The Workplace Disconnect

  • 7 million unemployed; 6.2 million jobs
  • 85% employees not engaged at work
  • Millennial unemployment rate twice of national average
  • Only 26% say their education is relevant to work
The Great Workplace Disconnect

The World of Work Solves The Workplace Disconnect

World of Work Levels
4 Step World of Work Framework
  1. Explore
  2. Simulate
  3. Meet A Pro
  4. Practice

Prepare Your Child For The World of Work

Every child has unique strengths, interests and values that are needed in the world.

What is the World of Work all about?

Explore the possibilities of your student’s future that are rewarding and exciting.

Teachers are provided with lesson materials and support that makes teaching students about the possibilities in their futures rewarding and exciting. Teachers will walk into their classrooms on day-to-day activity of integrating lesson things and skills into one fantastic lesson to the respective interests of the students.

Providing Students the WHY

World of Work nurtures happy kids, living in healthy

relationships on a path to gainful employment.

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World of Work Network is a space where teachers can access resources, partner platforms, knowledge base and other World of Work bundle options as well as manage their digital subscriptions.

Level 1

Strength & interest exploration
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Level 3

Meet A Pro experience
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