Dignity In All Work

Not every child will have the same path to college and a career or be employed by traditional careers. As the job market becomes increasingly more demanding, students need to be exposed to multiple skill sets in order to qualify for those jobs.

With World of Work, students get hands-on experience right in their classrooms with a wide variety of careers, preparing them for their futures.World of Work uses exploration, simulations, virtual field trips with career professionals, and practice to help students learn and gain experience in different fields. It’s important that children know that every career path is dignified and that every child has a place in the workforce.

Goal Setting, The Engine to Self-Efficacy

The mission of the World of Work is to provide students with experiences that result in happy kids, living in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment. The curriculum of this initiative is designed to prepare each child for their potential future by giving them the tools to set goals, learn to work efficiently, and to aspire to careers they may not have even heard of. The World of Work helps each student understand that their unique strengths, interests and values that are needed in the world.

Often times as parents we are guiding our children to what we know and are experienced, this is a limited guidance, so as a parent we struggle to know what will actually be best for each child individually. Limited resources, understanding, experiences.

“Every child has unique strengths, interests and values that are needed in the world. How does a child aspire to a career they don’t know exists?We had a plenty of “What” to do in education and now the World of Work provides the “Why”. We are providing students context when we expose them to the World of Work, every grade, every year.”

David Miyashiro, Ed.D., Superintendent, CVUSD

1. Exploration

During the Exploration level of the World of Work, students learn about a new job or industry. Through physical and digital resources to learn about that job or industry, students are able to explore the details of a career they may have never thought of or known about before.

2. Simulation

In the Simulation level, students get hands-on experience engaging in activities related to the job or industry they learned about during level one, building upon the knowledge gained previously to obtain skills and values necessary to be successful in the field.

3. Meet A Pro

During the exciting Meet A Pro level, students and teachers join in on Meet A Pro chats, which are virtual tours or field trips where multiple classrooms can experience meeting an industry professional. During these live chats, a pro can give students real life context and application for what they are learning.

4. Practice

Once students reach level 4, they are ready to practice the career they have been learning about. Students use the connections they made to their own world through levels 1-3 to practice what they have learned through their play, school projects, homework, time with friends and family, volunteer work, and much more!