World of Work Gets Students Excited About Careers in Printing and Design

The World of Work program is designed to help students find career paths that suit them while they are young. Oftentimes in education, many fantastic careers go undiscovered by students, but the World of Work fixes that. Not only does the World of Work open the door for students to explore many fascinating careers, but it also gives teachers the tools they need to identify which types of careers each student will naturally be best at. Whether that is a dog groomer, a park ranger, a carpenter, or a graphic designer, the World of Work can connect students to those opportunities.

At the Cajon Valley Union School District Print Shop, graphic designers, computer experts, customer service experts, supervisors, and many others come together to make the Print Shop run smoothly and beautify Cajon Valley campuses and classrooms. The World of Work brought the world of print inside more than 50 classrooms during a Meet a Pro virtual chat, powered by Nepris technology. Students were able to see where the envelopes, posters, decals, and many other printed items that they see every day come from.

This exciting World of Work Meet a Pro Chat connected students to something in their own community that they see the direct results of. The employees at the Cajon Valley Print Shop showed off their skills and gave a behind the scenes look at all the projects and materials that run through their shop. Students were engaged and impressed to learn about careers inside print shops that could one day be a career for some of them. Watch the highlight of this Meet a Pro Chat at

About World of Work: The World of Work is an initiative aimed at early exposure for children to career paths. The program focuses on integrating useful, real-world skills into everyday curriculum in a way that makes it beneficial for teachers and students. Teachers are provided with the curriculum and experiences necessary to blend traditional education with skills needed in the workforce, engaging students and getting them excited about the possibilities in their future. The World of Work curriculum uses a four level process to expose students from all grade levels to a broad range of careers and uses the RIASEC framework to support students as they explore their interests and workplace values. The World of Work empowers every child with the knowledge that their unique strengths, interests, and values are needed in the world and fosters happy kids, living in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment. Call 877.717.2474 or visit for more information.