KPBS Reporter Takes Cajon Valley Students on Virtual Tour of Studio to Promote Career-Based Cirriculum

At the KPBS studios in San Diego, Megan Burks took World of Work on a tour of her career as an Education Reporter. On the career personality type framework known as the RIASEC model, Megan is an A for Artistic. Through her creativity, Megan says she is able to provide a public service to the people of San Diego by providing them access to important information. Megan knew from a young age what she was interested in and had a teacher who recognized her talents and helped her envision a career path that suited that. The World of Work curriculum makes this recognition from teachers possible for all of their students with any level of capability.

The entire World of Work program helps students take their natural abilities and mold them into what could become a career path. Early exposure to a variety of careers, like through Meet a Pro chats, gives students an idea of what their future could hold and what they need to do to get there. The RIASEC model used in the World of Work curriculum can give students a starting point and helps them understand that many different people can be successful in a career. Through the research, writing, filming, and editing processes of reporting, many people with just as many strengths, interests, and values are involved at KPBS. The World of Work takes away limits and gives students possibilities, based on who they are now and what they could become. An overview of Megan’s Meet a Pro chat at KPBS can be viewed at

About World of Work: The World of Work is an initiative aimed at early exposure for children to career paths. The program focuses on integrating useful, real-world skills into everyday curriculum in a way that makes it beneficial for teachers and students. Teachers are provided with the curriculum and experiences necessary to blend traditional education with skills needed in the workforce, engaging students and getting them excited about the possibilities in their future. The World of Work curriculum uses a four level process to expose students from all grade levels to a broad range of careers and uses the RIASEC framework to support students as they explore their interests and workplace values. The World of Work empowers every child with the knowledge that their unique strengths, interests, and values are needed in the world and fosters happy kids, living in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment. Call 877.717.2474 or visit for more information.