World of Work Changes Focus in Education to Realistic Careers for Every Student

Conversations about the lack of skilled young adults entering the workforce have been buzzing within the educational community. Many opportunities are missed because the focus in schools can often be on white collar careers that will not realistically suit every child’s unique strengths, interests, and values. The World of Work changes this pattern by exposing children to many different wonderful career paths.*The World of Work helps school districts to look at every child in a new way, where the unique strengths, interests, and values of those children are discovered and nurtured. Teachers come into the profession because they love kids and want to give them a great future. The World of Work makes a huge difference in students, and helps teachers turn their everyday curriculum into something with meaning and purpose for their future lives and careers.

With the World of Work, students can have exposure to careers they might not have even known existed, with opportunities to not only develop skills necessary for those careers, but also to meet with professionals. With this type of exposure, students can learn about themselves, the world of work, the world we live in, and their place is in those settings.

About World of Work: The World of Work is an initiative aimed at early exposure for children to career paths. The program focuses on integrating useful, real-world skills into everyday curriculum in a way that makes it beneficial for teachers and students. Teachers are provided with the curriculum and experiences necessary to blend traditional education with skills needed in the workforce, engaging students and getting them excited about the possibilities in their future. The World of Work curriculum uses a four level process to expose students from all grade levels to a broad range of careers and uses the RIASEC framework to support students as they explore their interests and workplace values. The World of Work empowers every child with the knowledge that their unique strengths, interests, and values are needed in the world and fosters happy kids, living in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment. Call 877.717.2474 or visit for more information.