The World of Work Curriculum and RIASEC Framework Gives Teachers Tools to Unleash Student Potential

The concept that the World of Work gives students that all work has dignity and value translates beyond exciting career options for students. It also gives children a foundation to understand that not only does all work hold value, but that all people hold value, and that their values and skills are as valuable as another person’s. The World of Work also gives teachers the framework to discover these things about each of their students.

The World of Work curriculum uses the RIASEC framework as a tool for teachers to better understand their students on an individual level and assess student interests and strengths and look at the child as a whole instead of just test and homework scores. The World of Work also helps teachers to align what they are teaching with real world skills and future careers.

As teachers use the RIASEC framework and the World of Work curriculum, each student gains a better understanding of who they are and their place in future job opportunities. With the World of Work, teachers will play an integral part in helping that child on a path to gainful employment in their future.