World of Work Initiative Enables Students to Have a Better Understanding of Their Future Opportunities

The World of Work is a new approach to education, one where students aren’t held back based on their weaknesses, but rather given opportunities to focus on their strengths. The World of Work helps children discover who they are, what they like to do, and even where they want to do that when they grow up. It connects students’ talents and strengths to real world job opportunities.

We often ask students to be good at everything, but once they enter the workforce it is clear that it is more important for them to be best at what they are naturally good at. The World of Work helps students discover what it is they are naturally good at and will excel in. The World of Work consistently places experiences in front of students that has them asking themselves not just what they want to be as adults, but who they want to be. This enables students to have a better understanding of themselves and the possibilities before them.

When the unique strengths, interests, and values that each child have are explored and nurtured, hope for a bright future with gainful employment opportunities that suit each child will be unleashed. The World of Work makes it possible for each student to see that there is a place for them in the world and that their skills are needed and valued.