What is World of Work

The World of Work is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum solution aimed at early exposure for children to both self and career exploration in the ever-changing landscape of the global economy. Creating relevance to the real world and enabling students to map their educational goals to their possible future selves will maximize their investments in post-secondary education.

World of Work empowers every child with unique strengths, interests and values needed in the world to nurture happy kids, living in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment.

World of Work Levels

WoW Implementation Framework

With the World of Work curriculum, students gain experience centered around six careers per grade level. If a student were to have the World of Work integrated into their education from Kindergarten to 12th grade, that would be 78 career options that children will have a deep understanding of upon high school graduation. 

The exposure each child gains to different careers helps them to go down a path where their strengths, interests, and values are needed in the workplace. World of Work helps every student see that no matter what their skill set is, every skill set is valuable and every person has a place in their community and in the workforce that is needed.

 The 4 levels of World of Work are simple: students hear about a career, tinker with it, meet a professional in that career, and then practice it.

1. Exploration

During the Exploration level of the World of Work, students learn about a new job or industry. Through physical and digital resources to learn about that job or industry, students are able to explore the details of a career they may have never thought of or known about before.

2. Simulation

In the Simulation level, students get hands-on experience engaging in activities related to the job or industry they learned about during level one, building upon the knowledge gained previously to obtain skills and values necessary to be successful in the field.

3. Meet A Pro

During the exciting Meet A Pro level, students and teachers join in on Meet A Pro chats, which are virtual tours or field trips where multiple classrooms can experience meeting an industry professional. During these live chats, a pro can give students real life context and application for what they are learning.

4. Practice

Once students reach level 4, they are ready to practice the career they have been learning about. Students use the connections they made to their own world through levels 1-3 to practice what they have learned through their play, school projects, homework, time with friends and family, volunteer work, and much more!